3 Great Online Fluent Language Courses For Beginners

What’s so scary about language exams, Ikea on Sunday’s and language tests in general? I mean, I get that. Right now, my stress is so much in the back of my mind, because I’m taking an intermediate French exam (also called the DALF) in less than a month, and I am not quite prepared yet.

But not to worry, though. I have learned some great French lessons that will get you going quickly and easily.

I did a lot of online research when it came to finding good quality French language courses for beginners. I started by looking at the many free courses on sites like “How Stuff Works”Learn French With Free French Online Lessons”. I was pretty disappointed by many of the lessons, but I found a few gems. I downloaded several free courses and put them on my personal website. That way, every time someone wants to check my site for French lessons, I can provide them with my free lessons in French.

As time has gone by, I’ve found the perfect online French language lesson that meets my needs. Here are three lessons that I highly recommend.

First is the “Learn French with Online Course” course by the Fluent Language. The program has hundreds of lessons to learn the basics and intermediate lessons to master the basics. There is even a free “Audio Flash Card” course to test your knowledge of the French language. What makes this course a great choice for beginners is that it’s a downloadable course that you can listen to whenever you want.

Second is the “Learn French” video course created by Fluent Language. This course is also downloadable and offers thousands of lessons to improve your French. The key advantage of using video for learning French is that you don’t have to sit and listen to a boring course any longer than you have to.

Third is the “Learn French” free course created by Fluent Language. This course has a free audio lesson. that I used while I was taking the French exam and found it very helpful.

Once you’ve learned these three lessons, I’ll bet you’re ready to take your next advanced English exam. and be speaking French like a native speaker in no time!

If you’re going to purchase any of these online courses, make sure that they offer unlimited audio or video lessons for a certain period of time. Some free courses will only allow you to listen once or listen once to a lesson. If you purchase these courses, you should have unlimited access to all of them for life.

Another important tip that I learned from Fluent Language’s website is that not all free courses are created equal. The “Learn French” course has been created especially for beginners and contains a free audio lesson.

The next “Learn French” program I recommend is the “Learn French with Audio Flash Cards”. It offers unlimited lessons and I’ve found that it is the easiest to use, just follow the step by step audio to play on your iPod and practice speaking the language.

Another great resource is the “Learn French with Audio Book” created by Fluent Language. This course has over 50 lessons and it will really help you learn how to speak French.

Finally, I find the Fluent Language website to be the best site to go to when it comes to purchasing Fluent Language products. Not only do they offer a complete list of their products, but they also offer a review system where you can read real people’s reviews of the products to find out which ones are best for you. I think this is the best way to choose one of the many products available.