Essay Writing

The essence of an essay is, essentially, a single piece of writing, usually with the writer’s point of view outlined in a logical and coherent manner. The definition of an essay generally is, somewhat overlapping with those of an essay, a written work, a book, a short piece, and an article. Essays are traditionally classified […]

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The HRM Exam – The Right Book

HRM Exam questions & planning of answers Chapter 3: Recruitment & Selection. Give examples of when it wasn’t justified to spend resources (w/ reasons:): Recruitment: In this chapter, we consider recruitment in the context of the applicant screening process. The chapters contain several sample questions and a few practice exams that you will need to

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Taking the Proctored Exam

In order to pass your PCTP Proctored Exam, you must know what areas are covered and how many questions on each of those areas are involved. The exam will be different for every state, so it’s important that you understand exactly what the requirements are in your particular state. The Proctored exam will cover every

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