General Accounting Exam – What Are the Three Exams You Will Have to Pass?

You have to pass a general accounting exam in order to be a certified public accountant. The exam is administered by the AICPA and you have to pass it to become a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. However, the certification only becomes valid once you pass your first exam.

There are four types of general accountancy exams. The first one is called the examination on general public accounting. This exam is a prerequisite to becoming a registered accountant. Your first score is not good enough.

There are two other examinations that you will have to take before becoming a full-fledged accountant. These are the examination on financial statement analysis and examination on tax law. These two exams are also very important for becoming an accountant.

In each exam you will have to write an essay that will be used to determine your eligibility to take the examination. You will be required to answer a number of questions. Your answers will be used to measure how well you prepared. If you are unable to answer some questions then it will be considered as a bad practice. You will not be able to prepare for the next exam.

The third exam is the test on bookkeeping. This exam will involve the use of spreadsheets and computers. You will also be expected to use some types of accounting software.

The last exam is the exam on general tax law. This exam will require you to understand the Internal Revenue Code. You will also have to create a tax return and prepare it correctly. You will be expected to follow the law as it applies to your state. You will need to work closely with a tax specialist in order to prepare a correct return.

Before you begin your exam preparation, you should have a general understanding of how the financial markets work. You should also have a good working knowledge of the laws regarding the Internal Revenue Code.

By taking these exams you will be able to become a competent accountant much quicker than if you tried to take the exam on your own. There are several books that will help you get prepared for the exam such as Accounting Principles and Practice by Gann and The Practice and Procedure of Public Accountants by Sells and Peet.

A better option would be to purchase a test preparation book that provides you with sample questions. The advantage of this is that you can find out what your current skills are and you can determine how well you are prepared by taking practice tests. You can even go online and study for the exam while on vacation, on business trips or at work.

Make sure that the book you buy has good reviews by other people who have used it. When you find a book that has good reviews make sure that it is written by an expert. You will need to take time to learn about how the material in order to become an expert.

Do not buy the book without researching all of the details. Make sure that you understand the information in the book.

Take the book with you when you take the exam. Make sure that you have it with you on the day of your exam and that you have it handy when you go to the test center.

Examine the book and follow the directions given to you. You will need to know that there is a time limit for each examination. You will also need to check your answers and make sure that you have them correct the first time.