How to Pass an AP History Exam

This is the usually scheduled date for your AP United States History Test. There are two basic types of study guides you can use to prepare for this test, the “AP Review Course” and the “AP Test Prep Course.” The “AP Exam Course” is a video and audio version of the actual exam; and the “AP Test Preparation Course” includes practice tests and other study materials to make studying for your AP exam easier.

As far as the actual AP Exam is concerned, you will need to pass a multiple choice portion in order to pass. The three major parts of the multiple choice portion include:

In this section, you will be given a five-minute free-response format to choose from among several options. You must choose the correct one; otherwise, you will not pass the examination.

As a student, you may find it difficult to make these answer choices. This is why the free-response format is provided. To make sure that you will make the right choice, you can use the “hyphenated versions” of the questions. These are the same questions you will find on a real AP exam.

In section two of the exam, you will have forty-five multiple choice questions to answer. This section contains three types of multiple choice questions:

Many of the questions focus on the period of American History. The questions in this section of the exam require that you understand the time frame you are studying. You cannot choose a wrong time frame, but you also cannot choose an easy time frame either. Therefore, you must make sure you select a time frame that you think best illustrates the events and people of American History.

In the final section of the test, you will be given one short essay. This type of essay requires that you choose a topic that best represents your understanding of American History.

Your final section of the exam is the most challenging and important section. If you have prepared in the two previous sections, then this should not be a problem. However, if you are still struggling to get through the last section of the exam, you may want to review the two previous sections before taking this part.

The multiple choice portions of the exam are divided into four sections:

As a student, you will want to take the time to read through each one of the five pages of this portion before choosing a question. It is important that you understand the concept behind the question, so that you will know how to answer it correctly.

The essay section will ask you to write an essay on an aspect of the topics you have just learned in the previous sections. The essay section will test you on your writing skills as well as your critical thinking skills. You can choose to write about a certain historical event or individual who has had an important impact on American History.

In addition, the essay will also test your essay writing skills. You will be required to use both logic and the essay form in order to create an effective essay. If you do not know how to write an essay effectively, you may want to practice with a friend or review some sample essays on the internet.

As you can see, passing this exam is not nearly as difficult as it seems. You may have difficulty with the first few parts of the exam, but you will soon begin to understand the format. and understand how to properly plan the sections of the exam.