Interested in Getting an MBA in Public Administration?

An MBA degree with a major in public administration is designed to train you for administrative positions in public and government service firms as well as to prepare you for high-level leadership roles in the corporate sector and other non-profit organizations. The program takes a wide approach by introducing you to the most current theories and practices in the social sciences. In the first two years, you will acquire coursework that teaches you the concepts of public policy and government administration. This includes courses in international studies, political science, economics, law, psychology and sociology.

An MBA degree with a concentration in public administration trains you for high-level leadership positions in companies and other non-profit organizations. Courses in managerial theory and practice provide practical learning of implementing and designing strategic plans and programs. In addition, the coursework introduces students to the history and current practices of government institutions and the role of business and government. Finally, students will study how organizational cultures affect decision making and organizational performance. These two subjects are interrelated in many ways, because organizational culture is created by the attitudes, beliefs and actions of its members.

When considering which MBA degree to complete, keep in mind the career opportunities for the graduate. For example, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is often required by employers for the position of manager or executive officer.

Graduates can also choose an Associate’s degree in public administration or a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, if they prefer to further their education at a different institution. A Master’s degree in Public Administration is often followed by a Master’s degree in Business Administration, which leads to a Doctoral degree in Public Policy. In addition, students may choose to pursue doctoral degrees in these disciplines in order to specialize in the areas of study of interest to them.

As an MBA in public administration student, you will learn about the processes used to develop policies and procedures that guide government agencies and private organizations in the implementation of programs and policies that have an impact on society and improve the quality of life. In addition to this core curriculum, your classes will include courses in finance, human resources, ethics and legalities, public administration, and budgeting, public relations, communications, and leadership, public policy, and more.

Your coursework will also include assignments and projects that give you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding and skills of the subjects, as well as work experience related to your chosen topic. This experience provides valuable experience and knowledge base for working in the field.

You will find that an MBA in public administration is particularly useful for graduates who are considering a career change after working in the government, military or nonprofit organizations where public management is important. Most employers look favorably on those who have a Bachelor’s degree and experience in the public arena. The program prepares graduates for management and leadership positions in businesses, non-profits and government agencies. By completing an MBA degree in public administration, you have the additional advantage of having a broad background in a broad range of subjects that are relevant to careers within the non-profit, governmental and private sectors.

Students with an undergraduate degree in the physical or health sciences may also wish to choose an MBA in public administration. Because public health is an area of increasing concern, an advanced degree can help prepare a student to become an effective leader for a variety of health care institutions, as well as an administrator of health care facilities.

While the field of public administration is competitive, it has many job opportunities available, especially in the field of government. Your career choices will include positions in various levels of government agencies, as well as positions in nonprofit organizations that focus on environmental and natural resource issues.

It is possible to locate public administration jobs with several companies that provide a wide variety of services to organizations and people. These companies are very competitive and willing to hire candidates with a broad range of qualifications, as well as a good academic record and experience in public administration.

Graduates of a public administration degree are more likely to find employment in areas related to their major. and gain experience that will be useful when working in the field. Some of the programs that are available include: government research, policy, planning, and development, economic and budgetary analysis, government relations, and grant writing.