MBA Marketing – An Insight Into the Journal

MBA Marketing is an academic peer-reviewed journal which cover various topics in marketing management, education in marketing, and research in marketing research. The editor-in chief of this journal is Roman Siderukhovski. It was started in 2020 by Green Mall Publishers and is published by Green Mills Press.

MBA Marketing is published bimonthly and includes over twenty-eight issues. The current issue, the eighth, is available on-line. The journal is open for submissions and is edited by a full-time editor.

The first volume of MBA Marketing (Volume 1) contains an introduction by the editor, articles by experts in the field, and an analysis of recent trends. Issues contain articles by senior leaders in the marketing industry as well as articles by industry specialists.

Volume II, the third issue, provides an overview of the business of marketing research. In Volume IV, the fourth, the author examines the impact of changes in marketing and their implications for the company. Subsequent issues have an emphasis on learning about the changing face of marketing research. Subsequently, a new feature called “MBA Marketing Research Review” is introduced to keep readers updated with the latest research and reviews in this area.

Subsequently, the fifth issue contains the latest trends in marketing, including the impact of technology, customer service, and brand building in marketing and advertising. In the sixth issue, the author discusses the need for the development of new methods in branding. In the seventh issue, the author examines what the future may hold for new product lines and for new forms of marketing communication.

The eighth issue of MBA Marketing is devoted to the topic of customer service. The ninth and tenth issues deal with the areas of product development, advertising, promotion, and sales, respectively. The eleventh and twelfth issues focus on the development of strategic alliances and the areas of product research and development. The thirteenth issue is devoted to the subject of marketing research.

In summary, the author notes that the goal of the journal MBA Marketing is to disseminate new knowledge and develop perspectives in the field of marketing research. The publication should be accessible, interesting, informative, and up-to-date. and it is not only an academic publication. In addition, MBA Marketing also strives to help companies meet their objectives by creating a better marketing environment.

MBA Marketing provides students and professors with a variety of resources, including a number of articles written by experts in the field. MBA Marketing is an important source of information for company owners seeking to increase the scope of their marketing research efforts.

The main aim of MBA Marketing is to promote and encourage new and innovative approaches to the study of marketing, advertising, and promotional activities. This magazine is a valuable tool for marketing professionals, as it can help them better understand their peers and enhance their skills.

Through its unique structure and format, MBA Marketing helps to maintain continuity with other publications. It also allows for easier sharing between academics in a wide range of disciplines.

MBA Marketing has an online presence as well as an e-newsletter service. This provides students and professors with an opportunity to access the information they need in a more convenient way. It also provides a platform to communicate with other authors.

This article is an edited version of a longer article that was published on the MBA Marketing website. The author thanks all the editors and publishers who have contributed to the making of this article.

The author is a professional in the marketing field and was formerly employed in the advertising and public relations field. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan. She is now a freelance writer and editor.