Procter and Breast Implants

Procteru is one of the most well-known cosmetic surgery practices in the UK. The practice is renowned for offering a variety of different treatments, including breast augmentation and liposuction, as well as the removal of excess fat and muscle from the body.

One of the procedures that Procteru does not offer is breast reduction surgery, due to legal complications that arise when you have a plastic surgery procedure done to improve the look of your breasts, but you also wish to decrease the size of your breasts. This is because the procedure involves the incision of your breasts and placing them into an artificial cup, known as a bra.

In many cases, doctors may even perform breast implants before they even try to remove unwanted skin and fat. Because of this, the doctor may recommend that you go through a liposuction process, which involves removing your excess skin and then replacing it with plastic surgery silicone implants.

The majority of patients that go through Procteru treatment, however, are actually looking for other more aesthetically pleasing methods of reducing their body size, such as liposuction. These patients do not always go through the same type of liposuction procedure that is recommended to patients who undergo the breast reduction process.

Breast reduction can be performed both internally, and with the use of an external device. Many patients prefer to have their implants placed under the breasts, while others opt to get a smaller implant placed beneath the nipple and above the areola, which is the part of the breast that is exposed when a woman is wearing a top. For some patients, having both placed beneath the breast may look better, and is actually more aesthetically pleasing.

Patients may choose to have either a breast lift or mastopexy performed, which both help to reduce the appearance of a sagging chest. Many patients will choose the first method, which involves making slight incisions around the nipple area and below the areola, which is then positioned into place by a plastic surgeon, as opposed to a more invasive and potentially dangerous type of surgery that would involve the removal of the entire breast. Most patients will decide to have the first surgery done under general anesthesia, and then be required to stay in overnight for recovery. and then will be able to return to work the following day.

Breast lift is much less invasive than liposuction and is performed by lifting the breasts through the skin on each side and stitching them to the supporting tissue underneath. In general, patients will have to stay overnight in the hospital and will be able to return home the next morning. The recovery time for this type of operation is considerably shorter than that for liposuction.

Patients who have had a mastopexy performed at Procteru will generally see results in a matter of weeks. However, patients who choose to go through a liposuction can typically see results in a week or two, although the results may be a bit longer. A number of patients report being able to return to work after surgery.

If patients want to have their implants placed beneath their breasts, they will be required to return for a repeat procedure every two to three months for as long as six to eight years, depending on the age of the patient and the overall health of their breasts. Some women may need more than one procedure, in order to maintain their youthful looking breasts. This is one reason that it is important to consult a plastic surgeon, rather than attempting to perform the procedure on your own without first consulting a professional.

A breast reduction is usually a choice for patients who wish to regain a more youthful look and feel the most comfortable in their most recent swimsuit. Many women feel very self-conscious about having sagging breasts, which can be caused by several factors, including genetic conditions, pregnancy, menopause, weight gain or loss, aging, and lack of exercise. It is important to find a procter surgeon who specializes in working with all of these types of patients, since each patient is unique. A good plastic surgeon will be familiar with your medical history and can tell you what your best options are.

If you already own swimwear, or if you are considering purchasing a new swimsuit, it is important that you discuss with your doctor whether or not your old swimwear, or the current one you are wearing, would be able to be altered or changed to accommodate the addition of the breast implants. Many surgeons will not make this alteration, but some can provide some suggestions.

Most surgeons will recommend that patients with a great deal of sagging, droopy, drooping breasts go ahead and have both the breast implants placed under the breast, in order to make them look their best. This makes it more aesthetically pleasing, as well as offering a more natural appearance, which helps to reduce the appearance of the implants, which can be unattractive and awkward. If a patient has only small breasts, the implants should be placed under the top of the chest, and the implant placement will most likely be under the armpit. For patients with large breasts, it is important that the implants be placed under the breasts, to balance the size, appearance, and shape of the breasts.