Procter Breast Reduction and Augmentation

The Procteru system of breast reduction has been a staple of plastic surgery in America since it began in 1930. It’s still a very popular procedure for both women and men who would like to have fuller, firmer breasts. But the latest innovations have led to a new generation of women seeking alternative options.

Today, many women are looking for ways to get fuller, firmer breasts without having the surgery itself. One of these is Procteru. Many women prefer to have their breasts reduced and then choose to have augmentation later down the road. But they don’t want to deal with the scarring and recovery that come with an incisional procedure.

While other different surgeries offer both options, Procteru is unique among other cosmetic surgeries in that the incisions are smaller and much more limited. This results in the least amount of scarring possible. Procteru patients also have the added advantage of getting smaller implants than other procedures. Plus, they often experience the maximum amount of natural breast tissue growth possible.

Women who undergo Procteru’s breast reduction typically choose to have augmentation later on in life. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that the patient will be able to enjoy better breast support after the procedure. Plus, the implant is made of a softer material that helps make the breasts look and feel firmer and larger. Many women also find the new look of their breasts comforting and reassuring.

If you decide to pursue breast augmentation in the future, it can be done as a one-time procedure. Procteru can also be done again, if necessary, to correct an issue. Plus, you can choose to go in for a full breast lift at a later date. However, the implants themselves are very durable and will last for many years to come.

Procteru patients also benefit from an option of having their breasts reduced in another location besides the areola. Some women opt to have a bra placed underneath of the breasts to enhance the appearance of their breasts. Other women choose to have an implant placed underneath of the skin around the nipples.

Many patients find that natural breast tissue growth takes over after the procedure. They can continue to wear their original bras and enjoy the same level of support and comfort as before. Some even continue to wear a padded undergarments or bras after the procedure. The implant isn’t the only thing that gives the same benefits.

Procteru’s reduction and augmentation have given women many advantages over the years. Patients no longer need to suffer with large scars and ugly implants. Plus, they can now go in for breast augmentation in a variety of different locations, giving them the best of both worlds in terms of look and feel and breast tissue health.

Procteru makes it possible for patients to get the benefits of breast reduction and augmentation at the same time, depending on the procedure chosen. Plus, there are options to reduce and reshape the breasts after the procedure. This means that after the procedure, patients can still wear their original bras and enjoy the same level of support and comfort as they did before.

The good news about this procedure is that patients don’t have to pay out a fortune to enjoy all of these benefits. Procteru doesn’t charge a huge fee for its services. Plus, patients can expect to see amazing results with minimal effort and cost.

Another benefit of choosing Procteru is that it allows patients to return to their normal lives. It isn’t something that patients have to experience for a lengthy period of time. The implants can be removed at any time, and the implants don’t cause major complications like scars and sores.

Plus, patients can be guaranteed of better results after their Procteru breast reduction and augmentation surgery. Because Procter’s breast reduction and augmentation are done on an outpatient basis, patients will feel more confident about their choice and have fewer side effects to deal with. Plus, they won’t have to deal with any complications after the procedure. And, most importantly, Procter will provide patients with more choices when it comes to their breasts.