What Is An MBA Public Administration And Management Degree?

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in public administration prepares students for public administration positions at all levels of government, private sector institutions, and nonprofit organizations. This degree is an excellent choice for students who wish to become professional managers or leaders.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in public administration is the first step in entering this highly competitive profession. The Bachelor of Business Administration degree focuses on public management and administration, providing students the foundation for future careers in various public-sector agencies such as those run by government, universities, public agencies, corporate organizations, non-profit organizations, and hospitals.

The curriculum in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree covers all areas of public management and administration and includes advanced studies in business law, finance, human resources, accounting, and marketing. The Bachelor of Business Administration degree includes both classroom sessions and clinical study. Students will receive a wide variety of courses, which are developed by leading public-sector administrators.

Students taking the course in Public Management and Administration receive the opportunity to participate in practical and theoretical learning. Through these lessons, students learn about the importance of problem-solving and effective communication in public-sector work. Students also learn about the legal issues that affect public administrators.

There are several professional associations, such as the Society of Government Accountants (SGA), American Academy of Public Administrators (AAPA), National Association of Boards of Directors of Public Sector Colleges and Universities (NARBU), American Public Management Association (APMA), and International Institute of Public Management (IPMA). These organizations offer assistance in finding the right institution, and they provide support during the course of an individual’s career.

Students will have access to a faculty consisting of professionals with extensive experience in the area of public administration. These professionals will be able to provide guidance to students who are new to the field.

Students who earn their Bachelor of Business Administration degree complete a two year program that allows them to continue their studies through the Master’s degree. After completing the Bachelor of Business Administration degree, students are prepared to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Administration, which covers topics such as strategic management, policy analysis, organizational change, research methods and analysis, public budgeting and management, public management in private industry and government, and international practice, and so on. The Master of Business Administration degree requires both written and oral exams, which students must pass in order to qualify for the Master’s degree.

Students who have completed an undergraduate program in business or another related discipline may be eligible to obtain an Associates degree in Business Administration. An Associates degree can be earned in two years and includes coursework in the areas of public policy analysis, financial management, marketing, management theory, international practice, marketing practice and research methodology, consulting, and research methods, and management theory.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree can be obtained by students in a program that is based at a community college or university. In order to become a successful business administrator, a student must have a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. Courses taken in these majors will prepare students for careers in the nonprofit sector, government, and the private sector, as well as those in the academic environment.

An online Masters degree in Business Administration may also be chosen by students who wish to earn their MBA in public administration. Online MBA programs allow students to complete a program in a more flexible and convenient manner than in-class learning. Students can take courses at their own pace and complete their degrees on their own schedule.

Students who have completed an undergraduate degree in business and have passed their state certification exam may be able to receive their Masters degree in Business Administration through a full-time study, or as part of a bachelor’s degree. An online Master’s degree may be earned in five years, and students can complete the requirements for a Masters degree in four years.

Students who desire to continue their education can transfer their credits from another institution to receive a Certificate in MBA Public Administration and Management. Students may choose from a variety of institutions that offer a Certificate program, depending on the number of hours they choose to enroll in and the length of the program.