What You’ll Learn When You Study Marketing at Liberty University

Liberty University’s MBA in marketing is an unparalleled business leader among all online MBA marketing programs-not only combining practical lessons with an ethical perspective to mold you into an accomplished marketing professional, but also imparting to you the knowledge needed to thrive at both national and global levels. And it’s free!

MBA marketing at Liberty University is a unique program. As its name suggests, it focuses on the business of marketing. And like all other MBA programs, it offers courses that include core courses, elective courses, internship programs, and specialized courses. Here are just some of the general courses offered at the university:

Marketing Management. You will learn how to create and design marketing strategies, and gain insights into the psychology of marketing. Students will also be taught how to develop sales materials and how to analyze market conditions, trends, and consumer behavior. Marketing management also helps students in discovering their own strengths in the field of marketing, which can then be used to further their education in a related field.

International Business Strategy. You will learn about the fundamentals of international business and how to use marketing to promote products, increase customer loyalty, and reduce costs for businesses in international markets. You will also be given the opportunity to participate in the Interdisciplinary International Business Master’s Program, which allows students to pursue courses from a variety of disciplines.

Accounting for Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a broad discipline that encompasses all aspects of the financial operations of small businesses. Students will learn the basics of accounting, including business strategy, financial reporting, marketing and business finance. You will also be introduced to accounting principles and learn about marketing tools such as the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows.

Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods out there today, and it’s a great way to communicate with customers, build your brand, build relationships, and grow your business-and at the same time, learn about your customers and their needs and expectations.

Business Communications. MBA students learn how to effectively communicate with customers and potential customers and explain your company’s products and services, and how they can help your company’s bottom line grow.

MBA marketing at Liberty University has a very competitive program, with over 500 students learning how to advance their careers by taking the Masters degree. Whether you’re looking to enter the business world, or simply want to build up your credentials and knowledge for personal advancement, Liberty University is the place to go.

MBA Marketing at Liberty University combines academic training with practical experience in the field of marketing to provide graduates with a solid foundation for a rewarding career in the global marketplace. Students receive an overall education and are given hands-on experience by participating in industry-sponsored internships, workshops, online classes, and more.

The curriculum for MBA Marketing at Liberty University combines courses on marketing theory, including marketing research and analysis, advertising, sales, and business communications, with a focus on how to apply the knowledge learned to real-life situations. Students learn about market research, statistics, research methods, pricing, marketing research methods, target consumers, and many more.

Students earn an overall MBA in Marketing after completing four years of undergraduate studies. Graduates then take two years of internship programs, one of which prepares students to enter the field of marketing through work in an internship setting. They receive their bachelor’s degree in Marketing through the program’s executive MBA program.

The program also includes a specialized master’s program in Business Strategy and Marketing Management, which train students to advance their careers into management positions within organizations or into consulting firms. Students have the opportunity to study global marketing through the Masters in Marketing Management in International Markets, specializing in International Business Strategy and Management.

Students learn about marketing management in business settings such as retail stores, health care companies, government agencies, and other industries, and gain insight into the psychology of marketing through internship programs, seminars, workshops, and conferences. The Masters in Marketing Management at Liberty University also offers a wide range of elective courses, including marketing management in the workplace, strategic planning, marketing technology, public relations, and much more.