What Does a StatPro Job Opportunity Involve?

StatPro is a UK company specialising in financial portfolio analysis, asset valuation and portfolio analysis software. It has over 200 employees scattered around the globe. We are looking for an expert statistician who can work from home, carry out all the StatPro functions from a remote location and help us grow in our business.

StatPro is an internet-based financial services speciality. It was originally set up as an Internet based financial company offering financial analysis software. Today, it has moved on from just financial services and is now an internet based business.

StatPro University Examination: The StatPro University Examination is a part of the StatPro qualification system which is set out by the National Institute for Education. This exam assesses the candidate’s skills in financial portfolio analysis, financial risk and insurance-related areas. Qualification can be achieved by passing a written test, a numerical exam and a written exam.

StatPro Cloud: We are looking for a StatPro Cloud based specialist who will be able to work from anywhere in the world. This specialist will be able to develop and maintain a client database and perform statistical analysis of the clients’ data for the purpose of making recommendations about investment strategies, capital and other management decisions. This will also include carrying out client survey research. This individual must be able to communicate effectively with all customers across the globe and to deliver a professional level report.

StatPro Software: We require a StatPro software engineer to develop a bespoke analysis system that will suit our client’s needs and budget. This analysis will then be developed by another StatPro software engineer and will be deployed to StatPro clients. The system will use StatPro’s inbuilt library, but should be able to adapt to current trends and market conditions.

Technical Support Services: We need an individual who will be able to provide regular training, support and advice to StatPro clients to ensure they get maximum value from their applications. The training will be provided online via video tutorials. We also require a person who is capable of providing technical support via email, telephone or Skype.

As part of our recruitment process, we would like to know if you would prefer to work from home or have access to a computer with an office, if so, how you would prefer this to be arranged. If not then your preference must be expressed. Finally, we are looking for an individual who is self motivated and willing to learn and grow within a fast paced environment.

Salary: The StatPro salary is determined on a per annum basis. In order to be competitive, there is a wide range of additional benefits and incentives included in the package. The salary and bonuses are set according to your level of experience.

Relocation Package: We offer relocation packages to our applicants depending on the length of service and number of years employed with StatPro. We require you to supply details of the country or countries in which you wish to relocate. The relocation package should include details of accommodation, vehicle and air transport and other requirements. The package should also state what benefits are included in the package such as access to medical insurance and relocation assistance.

Business Support: The relocation support program is designed to give you full guidance and assistance during your time as a StatPro employee. You will be offered ongoing professional training and advice to enable you to succeed in your new position. Our relocation service is designed to provide you with guidance, direction and training to enable you to progress through the business quickly and smoothly. We aim to help you become fully qualified within a short space of time.

Relocation assistance program includes relocation planning, house hunting, packing and unpacking. These are the three main tasks and should be completed on your own. Once you complete all the tasks, you will be responsible for your own packing. A packer is responsible for loading and unloading equipment.

All staff will be offered the opportunity to participate in the relocation package. It is also possible for them to contribute in the overall relocation process by answering customer queries, advising you on localities for placement, handling client calls, scheduling airport transfers and more. We will work closely with you on your move to ensure that everything is handled properly.